Sunday, April 26, 2009

Organic Cotton Poplin Dress

"Organic Cotton Poplin Dress" $120

by dearpony.

gaillarde eyelet dress

"gaillarde eyelet dress" $189

by makool.

RESERVED for eboll17 Little Queen's Dress

"Little Queen's Dress"

by MagnolijaDRESS.

NENEEE navajo medley skirt

"navajo medley skirt"

by neneee.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etsy's Best Yellow Dresses


"//// yellow DRESS" -$72

by eleanorrot

Lemony striped apron dress by Tsukatta

"Lemony striped apron dress" -$56

by tsukatta

Mustard Beau skirt

"Mustard Beau skirt" -$155

sarahseven wins many mentions for the yellow dress category... (another portland seamstress... I am telling you, there is something in the water).

Lemon Drop Dress

"Lemon Drop Dress" -$395

by sarahseven

Mellow Yellow Dress

"Mellow Yellow Dress" -$210

by sarahseven.
Oh this model's cheeks are just so blushie...

Lemon Lime with a Little Spritz
"Lemon Lime with a Little Spritz"
by wonderwear

Canary Knit Mini Tube Dress - S/M

"Canary Knit Mini Tube Dress" -$52

by TailorMadeVintage
I'm glad to see this store restocked again after a little sabatical.

Tennis Dress

"Tennis Dress" -$60

by encouragementaward

LEMONSTORY Sunset Yellow Shirt Dress

"Sunset Yellow Shirt Dress" -$98

by lemonstorynyc

Monday, April 6, 2009

Search word of the day: Headboard

Headboards are kind of curious. There is no functional point to them, just decorative.

LIBER Series - Headboard w/ Bed Frame

Here is an elaborate headboard by mstrf.

Twin Headboard and Footboard

Oooh. Reclaimed wooden headboard by yarddog.