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The forum

When considering on the Etsy forum the sort of policies [shipping, returns, emailing] you want to follow in your store, I really recommend seeing if the seller offering advice has any experience. Like, have they sold anything?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A New Clothier

I had a blog for about two weeks that I attempted to keep updated with new sellers.... impossible. But heck, I'll just throw one in once and a while.

Here is a freshly stocked store, roselabiche.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dedicated to Bonnie

This list is dedicated to Katsai, who in due time will earn her spot on Top Clothing Sellers. In the meantime:

Top Scratch sellers:
treehouse28 650
DanielleDIY 619
izziebsboutique 371
papaya 271
lorimarsha (?) 242
stinkyloulou 224
dyno 196
momomadeit 192
TheMachineStops 156
thimblescratch 117
wildewear 115
poppyswickedgarden 113
seworiginal 105
fromthefigtree 104
NiceFace 103
tegonia123 75
desirapesta 70
RunzwithScissors 67
katsai 63
Tenlittlefingers 59
Paperdollfashion 39
finnbiskit 32
VenniCaprice 23
avocadoface 20
Ritzyknits 19

Friday, July 6, 2007

Searching thru Your Sold Items

Wanna know something crazy? I wanted to use a picture from an old listing. Real old. I didn't want to have to dig thru my sold items until I found it. So, I thought to myself, what if I just search for the item on Google. And I found it immediately. Pretty sweet.

To be specific, I searched for my username and the item name.

Etsy Clothing Top Sellers

*Under construction*

Incomplete list of some stores that sell a lot of clothing.

Etsy's top clothing sellers:

CircularAccessories 1,900
Ahpeele 964
supastarr 920
mamamonkey 903
muttsywonder 894
Treehouse28 650
DanielleDIY 619
KiWiCuties 602
limescreen 571
tinaseamonster 493
maryink 398
aorta 392
izziebsboutique 377
BondGirl 374
stevester 356
heyamo 296
snowconecollective 291
roslynscloset 282
MoxieMadness 279
papaya 271
hopedespair 260
lorimarsha 242
vital 207
dyno 196
LookForFiddleheads 192
momomadeit 195
1AEON 187
citizenjane 173
pinkdixie 171
ruffeoheartslilsnoty 158
TheMachineStops 156
Wildewear 144
juror2 126
bunny 122
thimblescratch 117
poppyswickedgarden 112
PoisonAppleShirts 105
fromthefigtree 103
niceface 103
seworiginal 103

Crafterbynite 94
Thaidreams 90
Basho 84
tegonia123 73
Swoon 79
desirapesta 70
TenLittleFingers 59
LazerBeanz 58
Victrola35 54
LeBouton 55
Katsai 45
flutter 40
jenclaire 35

How is being a clothing seller defined? By me and my secret formula. LOL

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Being hearted

It's been a long time since I have looked at how many people heart me. I actually know how long it's been since I've looked. 5 months. Tangent: I know this because I keep a selling+sewing diary. Very helpful I may add. Anyway, holy crap. 1,011 people heart me. That's nuts. And I also noted that just about half of all my total sales have been carried out in the past 6 months. A testimony to Etsy's growth, I would say.

So my advice to those who keep a close eye on their hearts: let's not think about it too hard, k? your time would be better spent not worrying about it :D