Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who knows


Last week I woke up at 5.30 AM because birds were screaming their heads of in the bushes outside my window. So I got up and banged on my window [directly nearby]. They did not fly away or shut up. So I sat there... so tired.... and then I put on my bathrobe and went outside and actually banged on the bushes with my hands. Uff da. I was reminded of that when I saw this print by badbird.etsy.com:

He/she wrote the funniest thing in the description, "This bird has had it up to here with you people!".

The Forum
I finally learned today [I'm a slow learner] that people just do not read anything you write, even as the thread starter. Therefore, you have to say something in as little space as possible. You may not even be understood then. I also learned that [some] people just will not read anything on a thread. NOTHING. It's so frustrating. Especially when threads get so long because people with nothing to say, say that fact. Ha.

Do most internet forums have recently posted to threads pop to the top? I think it sometimes irritates me. Like if someone starts a thoughtful, or good discussion Q, it gets bumped out by the seventeenth "Wow! Postage rates are sooooo huge" thread. And then no one can even participate in a good thread.. because they never know it's there.

Clothing items: 16,369
Jewelry items: 153,636
Art items: 58,316

clothing is the size of %10.6 of jewelry

I did a forum search today on myself. It was pretty nice. Everyone said nice things about me. I even had some people start threads in my honor! Wow! That makes me pretty warm and fuzzy inside.

"The Hump"
In my mind, I have this thing called "the hump". When a seller is over their hump, they have sold waaaaay more items than they will ever have listed. Like GemmaFactrix is definitely over the hump [41/2091]. It seems that lately there are a lot more people over their hump. That's good. Lots of sales. There is also a phenomenon that I call "dwindling." If a seller just can't keep up with demand, and sell everything except a scant few things, they dwindle. And dwindling is not a bad thing! StopsAndStarts is a dwindler. Her shop has dwindled ever since she took the Etsy job. I am definately not a dwindler, and I am definately over my hump.

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