Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dedicated to Bonnie

This list is dedicated to Katsai, who in due time will earn her spot on Top Clothing Sellers. In the meantime:

Top Scratch sellers:
treehouse28 650
DanielleDIY 619
izziebsboutique 371
papaya 271
lorimarsha (?) 242
stinkyloulou 224
dyno 196
momomadeit 192
TheMachineStops 156
thimblescratch 117
wildewear 115
poppyswickedgarden 113
seworiginal 105
fromthefigtree 104
NiceFace 103
tegonia123 75
desirapesta 70
RunzwithScissors 67
katsai 63
Tenlittlefingers 59
Paperdollfashion 39
finnbiskit 32
VenniCaprice 23
avocadoface 20
Ritzyknits 19


relishdress said...

Also check out finnbiskit.etsy.com

katsai said...

hahahaha... a dedication to lil' ol' me ;P

You're a sweetie.

Recycled By Hyena said...

hahaha you could ad me at the very bottom of the list: I've sold 15 garnments! gahhh

They call me L-Doz said...

howww did i even find this? and yeahy i have surpassed that number im up to 49 woohooo!! (small victory dance, very small)

They call me L-Doz said...

oh by the way, im Venni Caprice haha