Saturday, November 7, 2009

I am posting an updated list of soon-to-be top handmade sellers (those reaching approx 1,000 items sold and listed on the Etsy Wiki stat list here). The following are high selling shops in the 500+ range.

Please contact me for shops to add. Note to self -updated thru ozknits.

theseasonalcottage 1,000

castleman 900

MLouIsPink 900

MeMaColdProcessSoaps 900

Spiderbite 900

jennaappleton 900

mLee 800

AthenaCreates 800

ColourBazaar 800
PetitePaperie 700
Brigit 700
LaundryMonster 700

MissPurl 700

limescreen 700

odannysgirl 700

ingero 600
ThisIsIt 500

Congrats to all those who made sales and jumped to the big list!

Link to older post.


Denise said...

congrats - my shop The Artists Closet on etsy has over 2700 items sold but is not on the list. thanks!

miascloset said...

hello! I'm at more to 1600!

barbaraK said...

Great collections of vintage and jewelries. I found this easy and with delicious varieties. Last time I made it my husband came into the kitchen and said, “Oh GOOD!” There’s no higher praise than that. Have to try another delicious and popular recipe ideal for nearly any occasion –…Best of all it’s easy to prepare!