Sunday, June 10, 2007

Etsy Admin Jared's view on copying

Just FYI, I came across this comment to a thread about copying. Check out Jared's response:

"If you want my personal opinion, I embrace it.

I freely make my work available at every level possible ( I understand that nothing I create is truly novel. I believe in the collective human consciousness. I believe art wants to be free. I find happiness in giving it away. This philosophy has brought me great rewards. Like Earl says, karma. ;)"
Um... what? I find this response very naive and idealistic. It completely ignores the reality that some people are willing to rip off the creativity of others in order to personally profit. How is anyone supposed to make a living selling on Etsy (the stated goal of Etsy) when others are ripping off their ideas?

Sorry to rain on your Etsy parade. This pisses me off.

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