Sunday, June 24, 2007


I started a non-Etsy job two weeks ago. I thought that I would still have a lot of sewing time, and I think I do, but I... don't spend it sewing. I spend it making lattes and relaxing after work. Where does the time go?

So I have had to consider with new variables what my lead time is. It's hard because I don't really know. It stressed me out that I was getting so far behind in orders that I inactivated all my listing that weren't ready-made. And then oddly enough, I sold a ton of them [ready ones]. Weird. Maybe because my shop is smaller, or more interesting, or more not arm warmers? Haha.

It really did help me to unstress [or "stress down" as my non-native English-speaking boyfriend would say]. But now I'm spending more time convoing and arranging custom items. It is reassuring to hear that a lot of people aren't in a big hurry to for me to finish. Coincedence?

Ok, no great selling tips here, just reality.

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