Sunday, June 10, 2007


Update: The Wiki now uses Captcha, so this problem is solved.

As I write, the EtsyWiki is getting spam posted on it at the rate of one every 3 minutes. I never saw this as a problem on the wiki before. I'm not on the wiki all the time, actually I am rarey there, so I wonder if this is just a coincendence that I would notice it, or if this is a common problem that commonly gets cleaned up.

I alerted two Etsy admins personally by convo, but didn't recieve any responses or see any reaction on the wiki. Funny thing is, I know one of them was online because they had posted on the forums in the last 15 minutes. I also started a forum post about it, but I wouldn't expect a prompt response from a forum thread ever.

Yes, I realize it is a Sunday, but... if a guy is working on the forum anyway, couldn't he do something about it?

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