Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not Handmade

It makes me so sad when I see resellers remain on Etsy for long periods of time. I flag, I flag, I flag, and for some reason these people are given the benefit of a doubt. They have nothing written in their bio. They don't claim to make anything. Their items don't look handmade. They are listing from very suspicious countries. Their clothing has obvious creases and wrinkles. That does not happen on freshly sewn clothing [even if you use wrinkled fabric, the wrinkles won't align on new seams].

Very discouraging.


Nerissa said...

That is a complete bummer.
I found your blog by complete surprise (on Google, of course) and it's so great. Thank you for all the info and sharing your insight. I'm still all new to this.

katsai said...

here here danielle :(

I get very discouraged at times, so much reselling seems to go on at etsy, make me think why be the muggins here who's stupid enough to rely on my own creations for my shop.... good job i love what i do, though, eh?!

I flag also, and after time check up to see if the offenders have been blown off etsy to stand in the corner and stare at the wall, but nope, there always still there :(

Just found my way here from the BFSC thread :) Blog looks great from what i've seen!! :D

thimblescratch said...

So true!

And even worse is when they have sold items! So sometimes I go through their feedback which says '100% positive' but there are several neutrals, I wonder why Etsy's system isn't smart enough not to count those as positives :o(
Big bummer. Stay strong though, the handmade stuff will stand out!